The Alexandria Canal section of the Sydney Green Ring under the Flight path at Mascot.

  • The Sydney Green Ring is a 37 km active transport and habitat corridor, a recreational circuit with tourism potential, a commuter ring road, and an art trail. 
  • The Green Ring hugs existing water courses and links green spaces of Inner Sydney, and connects Sydney Harbour and Botany Bay. 
  • The topography is flat to undulating making for easy cycling. The steeper climbs over the Rozelle ridge could be addressed with the City West Cycle Link.
  • The route abounds with nature and open space connecting Centennial and Moore Park in the East with the Bay Precinct and Callan Park in the North, the Cooks River to Iron Cove GreenWay in the West, and Cooks River Cycle Path in the South. 
  • There is potential to include a path through the Botany Wetlands the largest freshwater wetlands in Sydney.  
  • There are a multitude of trip generators such as airports, transport hubs, schools, universities, the medical precinct in the east, aquatic centres, dining and entertainment precincts, sports and playing fields, the CBD, and Darling Harbour.    
  • It provides access to some of Australia's best public art.  
  • It fits in seamlessly with the Walking Coastal Sydney agenda.
  • Combined with the Botany Bay Trail these iconic tourism routes links the point of first contact between nations at Kurnell - Kundal, with Sydney - Warrane.
  • The Sydney Green Ring (alternate title: Emerald City Trail) could potentially increase mode share of bicycle troops to the inner city and surrounding employment, education, recreation, cultural and medical precincts by 25% (Melbourne's goal) to 50% (Copenhagen's goal) based on similarity of topography, expressed and latent demand.


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Sydney Green Ring and development of Sydney Green Grid. Click to enlarge, map legend appears on left. Select layers by ticking the box.

The Sydney Green Ring, is a grassroots, artist-led project, and was developed independent of the similarly titled Sydney Green Grid, a NSW Government Architects Office project. Both were developed from the same or similar reference materials, with the Sydney Green Ring being an offshoot of the Cooks River to Iron Cove GreenWay inspired by Sustrans, the Metropolitan Greenspace Program and Sharing Sydney Harbour Program. The research for the Sydney Green Ring began in 2003 with a blog published in 2008.    

Botany Bay Trail and potential Inner Sydney Regional GreenWays Network
The Botany Bay Trail, part of the Great Kai Mia Way project, began over a decade ago in response to the The Tide is Turning: towards an environmental strategy for Botany Bay inquiry and report published as Turning the Tide, July 2001. The trail stretches around the foreshore from Cape Solander at Kurnell to Cape Banks at Laperouse. The Final Report of the Botany Bay Trail was adopted by the Southern Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (SSROC) in 2009 (since closed and archived), but still accessible here.

City of Botany Bay bicycle plans including Sydney Green Ring. Click to enlarge, map legend appears on left. Select layers by ticking the box.

As artists we explore subjective responses to place. We don't sit at desks in an office and using rulers, maps and calculators plan the routes our journeys. Sensory and emotional stimuli, experience on the ground, and the longer view of cultural adaptation are the reliable guides on our paths. We hope you can join us on the journey. 

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