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Green Rings, Green Lattices, Green Belts, each an urban planning tool to bring green space, habitat and valued, car-free space, into the city and inner urban areas. 

Psychogeography maps the usage of space by the process of the ‘derive‘ or drift, human powered meanderings following the tidal ebb and flow of people and their products.  

The Sydney Green Ring brings the two together as process and discovery. The circuit was discerned through two-wheel drifting in search of iconic vistas; linking the contemporary urban landscape with colonial representations and the roots of the European landscape tradition.

This land still bears the evidence of pre-colonial settlement with tens of thousands of years of sustainable, cultural survival as proof-of-concept. Sustainability begins and ends with a close observation of, and identification with, the land. The land, and what it produces and up-cycles, nurtures and sustains us.

Barbara Schaffer of the GAO states:
“…The awareness of landscape as both a vital resource needing protection, and a countervailing force that can be used to positively shape city and subregional development patterns, has seen this initiative included as a key policy directive in the most recent metropolitan plan – A Plan for Growing Sydney – in which implementing the Sydney Green Grid is designated a primary action…”

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