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Layered Map of Sydney Green Ring and development of Sydney Green Grid. Click to enlarge, map legend appears on left. Select layers by ticking the box.

Green Rings, Green Lattices, Green Belts, each an urban planning tool to bring green space, habitat and valued, car-free space, into the city and inner urban areas.

Discerned through two-wheel drifting while in search of iconic vistas the Sydney Green Ring links the contemporary urban landscape with colonial representations and the roots of the European landscape tradition.

The land still bears the evidence of pre-colonial settlement with tens of thousands of years of sustainable, cultural survival. Sustainability begins and ends with a close observation of and identification with the land, what it produces and up-cycles, and understanding how it nurtures and sustains us.

Barbara Schaffer of the GAO states:
“…The awareness of landscape as both a vital resource needing protection, and a countervailing force that can be used to positively shape city and subregional development patterns, has seen this initiative included as a key policy directive in the most recent metropolitan plan – A Plan for Growing Sydney – in which implementing the Sydney Green Grid is designated a primary action…”
Layered Map of Botany Bay cycle routes and blackspots including Sydney Green Ring. Click to enlarge, map legend appears on left. Select layers by ticking the box.

Bikes Botany Bay is a sister organisation to ARTcycle Inc. and other Bicycle User Groups. As cycling advocates we are all invested in seeing better cycling facilites, infrastructure and road use education and to promote the social, health, mobility, environmental, and economic benefits of cycling. As artists we have similar and shared concerns. As artists we approach problem solving from a different trajectory, that of subjective responses to sensory and emotional stimuli and the longer view of cultural adaptation.  

The Botany area is one of the least developed municipalities for cycling and yet has some wonderful scenic riding. The region is mostly level to undulating, is close to city, airport and transport hubs, and is on the shores of Australia's iconic gateway, Botany Bay. Part of the Sydney Green Ring crosses into the Bayside LGA. This is contested space. Since 2004 the Sydney Airport Corporation controls the land through a lease from the Crown, while RMS controls the access roads.  

The Botany Bay Trail, part of the Great Kai Mia Way project, began over a decade ago in response to the The Tide is Turning: towards an environmental strategy for Botany Bay inquiry and report published as Turning the Tide, July 2001. The trail stretches around the foreshore from Cape Solander at Kurnell to Cape Banks at Laperouse. It suffers from the same problems of Sydney's green space, a series of islands hemmed in by arterial roads, expressways and rail corridors, with open space locked up in golf courses. Greening of the thoroughfares will create habitat and shade ameliorating some of the effects of the heat sink. Creating permeable crossings of roads and rail will improve amenity and improve active transport options for residents, families and facilitate tourism.  

The WestConnex Enabling Works East Precinct managed by the WestConnex Delivery Authority, it is a great opportunity to have cycling infrastructure put in place that will be truely 'enabling'. Completing the Botany Bay Trail will enable workers, students, shoppers, commuters, tourists and recreational cyclists from either side of the airport will be able to cycle to and from, and most importantly around the airport and beyond in safety.

Botany Bay Trail and potential Inner Sydney Regional GreenWays Network





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